Arguably the poster child for single-minded focus and RESILIENCE in a character.

Your Protagonist Needs Resilience

By the end of your story, one of the primary character traits your protagonist should exhibit is resilience.

Why is that? How interesting would it be if EVERY main character in cinema had this trait?

As it turns out, it’s VERY interesting.

First, resilience is the trait that audience’s admire the most. They have a tremendous emotional response to it. In this sense, resilience is audience pleasing and pleasing your audience is a good thing. Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t want to do that.

Second, and far more importantly, if your character DOESN’T exhibit resilience, it means that you didn’t test them enough. Their journey was too easy and therefore less interesting and transforming than it should be. Easy journeys are far less compelling than difficult ones.

Make sure you look at your story from this angle.

When all is said and done, did your hero show enough resilience through their journey? Would anyone doubt that they met enough opposition? That they overcame enough obstacles?

If not, you’ve got more work to do

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